The Full Story

Aquarius Composer  - The Full Story
Agency: Sra. Rushmore
Foreign Production C°: Tesauro
EP: Pancho Alted, Miki Heras
Producer: Miguel Ángel Fernández-Belando
Line Producer: Verónica Orueta
Director: Gabe Ibañez
Dop: Álex Martínez
Production Service C°: MiS * Made in Sofia.

Trevor Jones, the world famous music composer of amongst others "The Last Mohican", "Cliffhanger" and "Angel Heart" features in this epic Aquarius commercial, which will be aired in Spain and Portugal.
It was a huge challenge for our team at MiS * Made in Sofia to organise this complex shoot within a very tight time frame.

Some production details:
• 4 shoot days on eight locations:
-  a concert hall with 3400 seats
-  a football stadium
-  the sound recording studio of the Bulgarian National Radio and their Phonotheque with the radio archives (first time ever a commercial was shot there)
-  the surroundings of the National Theater Ivan Vazov;...
• three celebrities:
- main talent: Trevor Jones... 
- director: Gabe Ibanez, known for Automata... 
- actor: Ivaylo Zahariev, famous for his leading role in Undercover, a popular Bulgarian tv-series ... 
• an important foreign crew and cast of over 25 people 
• a full symphonic orchestra with 80 musicians and 20 choir singers
• 300 extras
• in total more than 500 people from 8 nationalities